New StangMods 2010+ GT LED Running Lamps

We recently received these new LED running lamps for 2010+ GT Mustangs in! They are bright white in color and are very similar to an HID 6000k color temp.  A great way to class up the front of your GT and are a great add on to any HID equipped car. They are very bright and can be seen from great distances, they really transform the way the front of the GT looks. Make people wonder what’s coming up behind them in their rear view mirror…

Let us know what you think! These will be for sale on our site and come with all needed hardware for installation. LEDs use very little power and wiring is a simple splice job. They require three small holes on either side in the lower side grills of the  GT bumper, and fasten with locking washers and nuts. Each kit comes with a template so you know exactly where to drill the holes for the lights to mount.

The LED bars then slide into the holes you drilled. The wiring must also be fed through the third hole to ensure a clean install. We opted to remove the bumper to make installation much easier, but the install can be done without removing the front bumper, it just requires more time and patience.

On the back side of the bumper you will see the two threaded posts and the wire coming through. Using the included locking washers and 5/16th nuts fasten the bar to the bumper for a secure fit.

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6 thoughts on “New StangMods 2010+ GT LED Running Lamps

  1. You mention ” wiring is a simple splice job” but your installation fails to mention where is the splice made? Do you have any instructions/images detailing the splice job?

    • There are two wires coming off the LED lens that need to be tapped into the parking light wires. Ford tends to use different color wires for different model years so you’ll have to use a test light to find which wire is the power and which one is ground. Once you’ve found this. tap the red wire coming off the lens to the power wire on the parking light. Tap the black wire off the LED lens to the ground wire (usually black) on the parking light. Ensure that your splice in connections are secured with electrical tape to avoid any shorts.

    • We have yet to get a donor car to do an install guide for the wiring, we were only able to mount them up on one of our bumpers we had in the warehouse. As soon as we have the means to do a detailed wiring write-up we will put one up here on the blog.

  2. if you wire them into the parking lights they’ll come on along with the parking lights … that hardly makes them daytime running lights … or am I missing something?

    • Joel,

      Yes that’s true, however this gives you the choice to turn them off or have them on by turning your parking lights on. If you want them as a true daytime running light that comes on when the ignition is on at all times then you’d have to tap into a suitable 12v power source that comes on when the ignition is on. As we mentioned in a previous comment we haven’t had an opportunity to wire them up on a donor vehicle yet so we can’t say for certain where you’d tap for this functionality, but the parking light solution will work for those who want the option to turn them off vs have them stuck on at all times.

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