Customer Video From Germany, 2011 GT 5.0 On The Track

We love getting feedback from our customers, whether it be in the form of emails, comments, photos or even videos. The latter is rare, especially a video coming from a track event at Hockenheim racetrack in Germany! One of our overseas customers recently purchased a few suspension items from our online store in preparation for a track day. His black 2011 GT was fitted with Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts, H&R lowering springs and a wealth of other go-fast suspension parts that not only transformed his Mustang visually, but also in terms of it’s handling capabilities on the track. These modifications stiffened the car’s dampers and springs and lowered the ride height, reducing body roll during cornering and lowering the Mustang’s center of gravity. All of these parts work together to turn the 2011 GT from a daily cruiser to a weekend track toy. Below are a few photos and a video of his 5.0 after the suspension install and at the track. Enjoy, and happy modding!

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2 comments on Customer Video From Germany, 2011 GT 5.0 On The Track

  1. Dennis
    / Reply

    Hi there,

    nice to see my ride at your StangMods-Blog. Thx for support and perfect communication.
    And special thanks to Ford, who built a very amazing and competitive car with the 2011 against all the porsche, audi and bmw over here on german racetracks. I can´t wait to see who it handles on “THE RING” end of march. I´ll keep you informed.

    We hope that we´ll meet you in september as promised :-)

    Cheers Dennis

    (and pls excuse my bad english skills :-) )

    • / Reply


      No problem, thanks so much for sending us the video! Your car looks amazing, Ford definitely is stepping up their game against the other sports car manufacturers. I’d like to see you against an e92 M3 on track! Thanks for your business, we hope to be able to do business with you again.


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