Featured Ride – Robb’s Clean Green 97′ SN95

With so many Mustangs out there on the streets, it’s kinda rare to find one that’s put together really well. Every little mod counts, and when everything works together you get something special. In this case, it’s our friend Robb’s 97′ 3.8 SN95. Custom metallic green paint, anthracite Bullitt style wheels, and just the right amount of black bits here and there make for a really nice looking car.

It’s definitely not all show either, with a cold air intake, BBK throttle body, VAP intake spacer and upgraded radiator for extra cooling. The exhaust is a custom 2.5″ cat-back setup ending with Flowmaster’s Series 10 mufflers and 3.5″ Borla tips. Robb upgraded the car’s clutch and flywheel with SPEC units, as well as Ford 3.73 rear end gears and Motive bearings for a little more punch. The SCT X-Tune was dyno tuned by Excessive Motorsport, and the plugs, wires, and ignition were upgraded as well. On the block for install are a wealth of suspension goodies such as Ford Racing springs, KYB shocks and struts, and some Maximum Motorsports and Steeda bits to round it all out and get everything in spec and feeling tight. Brakes were upgraded with Powerslot rotors and ceramic pads for extra stopping force.

On the inside, an MGW short shifter cleans up the gear throws and a wealth of billett goodies adds from extra flare. White face gauges are a big improvement over the aged stock ones,  and a tad of carbon fiber goes a long way when used sparingly.

Outside is where most of the mods come together. A chin spoiler, black mesh grills and black Cobra style headlamps with 6000k HIDs add a menacing look up front, while Boss style vinyl follows back to black rear bumper inserts and updated emblems.  In the rear, custom tail light overlays add a unique look over the lights and trick sequential harnesses are there to command attention from other motorists. The lower valance was also blacked out to complete the car’s overall theme.

We are big fans of -clean- modified Stangs, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make a car look great or go fast, you just need an overall plan. Too often people will change things just for the sake of changing them, and you get something cluttered, something that doesn’t seem to “flow” properly. All the little things come together in the end, it’s really all in the small details. Great job Robb! Stay tuned for updated photos once the car is lowered on it’s new suspension setup!


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