Installing Airaid’s 11-14 Mustang GT Cold Air Intake on StangMods Project Car

We just added the full line up of Airaid cold air intakes, filters, throttle body spacers and intake tubes to the Stangmods website and it was only fitting to install one of their systems on our 2013 project car. Although Airaid provides full installation instructions, nothing beats detailed color photos and descriptions for each step of the installation process. Follow along as we add a must have bolt on to our GT.

Tools Needed

  • 8mm socket & wrench
  • 10mm socket & wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Plyers
  • T10 torx bit
  • T25 torx bit

First thing you want to do is remove the engine cover to expose the throttle body area. The cover simply pulls off the intake manifold. No tools required here.



Disconnect the negative side of the battery cable using the 8mm socket and wrench. You always want to remove power from the car when doing any installation work.



Using your flat head screwdriver, loosen the (2) hose clamps on the factory intake tube.



Use your pliers to squeeze the clamp holding the resonator hose onto the factory intake tube. This step takes some effort but be patient and it will eventually come off. Image shows tube removed from factory intake.



Now we will be removing the crank case breather line from the factory intake tube. Using your flat head screwdriver, press the grey tab towards the throttle body and remove. This step is very easy just be careful not to break the tab off. Once this step is completed the factory intake tube can now be removed.



Now we’ll be removing the front half of the factory intake. Locate the mass air sensor and slide the red tab located under the sensor towards the front of the car. This will release the harness from the MAS.



The mass air sensor harness is connected to the factory air box using plastic push pins. Use your flat head screwdriver to remove the pins from the air box and freeing up the mass air sensor harness. Simply tuck it away for now.



Pull off the resonator tube place holder from the factory air box and set aside for future use. Do not throw away as this will be re-attached to the new Airaid cold air box.



Using your 10mm socket and wrench, remove the bolt holding the factory air box to the fender. Do not discard as you will be reusing this bolt to secure the Airaid cold air box. Once this bolt is removed the factory air box can be removed out of the car. There are two rubber grommets on the underside of the air box. Do not discard as these will be used in a later step.




Now the fun part begins as we start the installation process of your new Airaid cold air intake. First step is to install the 5/8″ grommet and silver 5/8″ fitting as shown below. Our Mustang is equipped with a manual transmission so we installed the blank grommet in the upper location as shown. If you have an automatic transmission you’ll be installing the other supplied grommet instead.



Using the supplied T10 torx bit, carefully remove the mass air sensor from the factory intake tube. You can toss out the original screws holding the MAS on. New screws are included for re-installation in a later step. The bottom picture shows the mass air sensor removed. Be careful with this as it is sensitive and expensive if damaged!




Line up the insert tube included with the Airaid cold air tube and re-install the mass air sensor using the supplied screws, washers and T10 torx bit. This now completes the work on the new cold air intake tube.



Install the filter adapter to the Airaid cold air box using a T25 torx bit. Note the position of the adapter. The lip should be outside of the air box as shown below.



Transfer the (2) rubber grommets from the bottom side of the factory air box back into the fender locations as shown in bottom picture.




Transfer the top rubber grommet and metal sleeve on the new Airaid Cold Air Box as shown below.



Install the rubber hump hose shown below onto the filter adapter (bottom picture). Use the #72 hose clamps but do not tighten all the way just yet.




Re-install the resonator tube bracket onto the Airaid Cold Air Box as shown below. This completes the work on the new air box and it can now be installed in the factory location using the 10mm bolt.



Take the silicon reducer and install it on the throttle body. Use the #56 clamp on the throttle body side and the #64 clamp on the intake tube side. Ensure that the screw heads on the hose clamps are placed farther down near the bottom of the silicon reducer to give you enough clearance when re-installing the engine plenum cover. The image shows them on the top but you’ll want to slide the hose clamps towards the bottom before tightening.



Next install the Airaid intake tube onto the silicon reducer coming off the throttle body and secure the two hose clamps. Re-install the resonator tube and crank vent tube at this time. Then install the bottom end of the intake tube to the hose pump located on the air box. This step takes a little bit of massaging but eventually it should slide in. It is easier if you secure the intake tube at the throttle body and then move the cold air box around slightly to get the bottom end of the tube to slide in. The fitment is tight but everything should line up perfectly and there should be no air gaps.



Install the new filter supplied with your cold air kit onto the filter reducer. Use the hose clamp supplied with the filter and secure it using a flat head screwdriver.



Install the supplied weatherstripping to the cold air box with the beveled edge facing outward as shown below. Start at one side and firmly press the weatherstripping into place.



Final step is to install the engine plenum cover and reconnect the negative side of the battery and your are done!


Initially we noticed a throatier tone inside the engine compartment and a sucking noise when the throttle was pressed. As we put more miles on the car, we noticed the RPMs seemed to pull much quicker especially at the mid to higher RPM range. Overall a great bang for your buck modification that can be done by virtually anyone with basic hand tools.

Check out all of our Airaid cold air offerings on Stangmods by visiting the link.









































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