Installing Mustang Decklid Trim Panel 2013-2014 Models

TruCarbon is a top seller at StangMods and one of our most popular upgrades is the Mustang carbon fiber rear decklid trim panel. This sleek piece replaces the OEM Mustang decklid and faux gas cap. The smooth carbon fiber weave pattern adds race-inspired looks to the rear of your Stang. Removing the faux gas cap gives the car a cleaner, more refined look. Check out the installation instructions below as we add one to our 2013 GT project car.

Tools required:

  1. T15 torx head and driver
  2. Flat head screwdriver
  3. Alcohol swab pads (included)
  4. Adhesion promoter tube (included)


Your first step is to remove the top carpet from the trunk lid. It is held on using (12) plastic screw/pus-pins. A flat head screwdriver makes quick work of these plastic pins.



Once the carpet is removed you’ll be able to see the (2) T15 torx screws that need to be removed. They are located in the upper corners of the trunk lid as shown below.



Once these two screws are removed you are now ready to remove the OEM decklid trim panel from trunk. There is no special tools or tricks required here. There are (10) tabs holding the trim panel onto the car.  Simply start at one end and slide your fingers under the trim panel. Give it a strong pull and you’ll release the tabs. Work your way over to the other side until the panel is free from the car. The picture below shows the tabs holding the trim panel to the car.



Now you should be left with the bare decklid area as shown below in the top picture. Use automotive safe soap and the included alcohol pads to thoroughly clean the entire area before going on to the next step.



Cleaned and ready for installation



Use the included adhesion promoter tube and lay a bead of the fluid around the bottom, side and top part of the bare trunk lid. You want to cover the area where the decklid panel will be making contact with.



We are in the home stretch now. Simply remove the blue transfer tape from the back of the decklid to reveal the 3M double sided tape.



The final step is place the trim panel onto the decklid. You’ll want to line up the bottom edge of the panel and make sure its even on both sides. Once its in place simply press firmly all the way around and you are done!


You can find the carbon fiber decklid trim panel on our site here – TruCarbon LG45 Mustang Carbon Fiber Decklid Trim







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