Boss 302 TracKey System

Shortly after the new Boss 302 was released Ford Racing Development came out with the innovative “TracKey” system. You purchase the TracKey, take your new key and your Boss 302 to Ford and they will set up a custom tune that improves throttle response, cam timing, and allows you to use a launch control system and much more. This is all pretty awesome, but where exactly is the TracKey? It’s been almost a year now and the key still isn’t available to the public. Luckily that’s all about to change. The delay was primarily brought on by California’s strict emissions laws which would make the use of the key illegal. Finally the state of California is giving the TracKey a green light, and Ford is to announce the sale of the TracKey system for sale to the entire US at SEMA 2011.

The TracKey itself will be available from your favorite Ford Racing retailer, however you will be required to take the key to your local Ford dealer along with your new Boss 302 for proper tuning. The tune effects over 600 engine parameters within the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) which increase driving pleasure, not just things you can feel, but also things you can hear. Since the release of the new Coyote 5.0 engine, tuners have realized the true potential of the new engine and the tuning possibilities. We are looking forward to some more detailed information about how real world 302’s are affected by the upcoming TracKey system, we have already seen how the launch control system works and how the tune makes for an aggressive cammed exhaust note, but considering how comprehensive this tune is supposed to be, there have got to be other improvements felt while driving the car with the special red key. Keep posted for more information in the next few months about the final release of the TracKey system!

In the mean time, check out this video courtesy of Ford Racing which shows the difference in exhaust note with the standard key and the TracKey.

Washington D.C. Auto Show – Boss 302 & Laguna Seca

The StangMods team was at the D.C. auto show this weekend to catch a peek of the new Boss 302. It’s been 42 years since Ford released a factory Boss 302, so it’s arrival has created quite a stir within the Mustang community. Such attention is well deserved, with a 444hp naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 under the hood the new Boss is capable of taking on the best sports cars from manufacturers around the world. In person the new 302 is a thing to behold, with factory exhaust cut outs that dump right ahead of the rear wheels, the 302 is ready to hit the track right off of the lot. The Laguna Seca edition features an extremely clean rear seat delete package with a body color X brace in it’s place. Not only did Ford bring the standard Boss 302 and the rare Laguna Seca to the D.C. Auto Show this year, but a few capitol area Mustang clubs were in attendance with generous offerings of tastefully modded pony cars. Another car of interest in attendance was the very same Saleen Mustang from Transformers the movie, seen below next to Bumblebee. Overall the show was a great improvement over recent years. Ford had one of the busiest booths in the entire show, a sure fire sign of things to come.