Hawk Brake Pads – A Wide Range Of Compounds For All Types Of Drivers

Hawk is one of the biggest names in performance and OE replacement brake pads out there. Their superior quality to OE components makes them not only a smart buy for customers looking to replace their stock pads but also for those looking for more stopping power for spirited street driving or even track use. Hawk pads are used worldwide by weekend racers and professionals alike because of their great fitment, reliability & quality. Let’s take a look at the different pad compounds offered by Hawk & get a better understanding of each of their strengths.

Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads

Hawk’s Performance Ceramic Brake Pads are a perfect blend of improved performance with reduced brake dust and noise.  They provide consistent quiet, fast, smooth & clean stopping power for vehicles that are primarily driven on the streets. The Performance Ceramic pads feature a unique ceramic composite formulation specifically developed to meet the ultra-low dust and low noise attributes of Original Equipment ceramic brake pads while maintaining the high friction levels professional brake tuners have grown to expect from Hawk Performance. If you are looking for replacement pads that will give you more bite & less dust, look no further than Hawk’s Performance Ceramic pads.

Hawk HPS Brake Pads

The extremely popular Hawk HPS pads really offer the best of both worlds when it comes to brake pads. The HPS compound offers a significant improvement in braking power and feel while still retaining quiet operation and low dust. Hawk’s HPS Ferro-Carbon compound brake pads provide advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This unique compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports. If you tend to drive spiritedly on the streets and occasionally do heavy repeated braking or are looking for a big improvement over stock pads without the noise & dust associated with race pads, the HPS is the perfect pad for your Mustang.

Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads

The Hawk HP Plus is Hawk’s entry level racing brake pad. The HP Plus is perfect for autocrossers or occasional weekend track warriors looking for a no compromise pad that will work well with an upgraded rotor and other supporting brake mods. Because of the more aggressive compound, the HP Plus does create noise under some conditions however they are nowhere as noisy as a dedicated track pad. The HP Plus pads are usable on the street at a wider range of temperatures vs a more serious race compound. The Hawk Performance HP Plus Ferro-Carbon compound can take the heat at the track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads in and out. This compound was designed for the serious street and autocross enthusiast.

Hawk Racing Blue Brake Pads

Hawk’s Racing Pads are no compromise all-out performance units designed to stand the heat, wear & abuse of repeated track use. Hawk offers a few lines of Racing Blue pads depending on how much torque or friction you are looking for depending on your application and use. These pads are not recommended for street use due to their noise levels and the fact that they require heat to produce high levels of friction required for racing. If your Mustang is built for the track and rarely sees the streets or you’re looking for a set of dedicated race pads to install for an event, any of the Racing Blue pads are sure to fit your needs.

You can find Hawk’s full line of Ford Mustang brake pads for all 1994 & up Mustangs on StangMods.com by clicking here: http://www.stangmods.com/Mustang-Brake-Pads-from-StangMods-com-s/165.htm

Installing A 3rd Brake Light Pulser In Your 2010-2013 Ford Mustang

The first mod we did on our new 2013 GT project car was Webelectric’s plug-in 3rd brake light pulser for 10′-13′ Ford Mustangs. This is an extremely easy and fast install for those of you who aren’t really comfortable taking things apart. Simply remove the trunk lid liner and plug the small harness in. Simple as that! You can find the part on our store by following this link:  Webelectric Brake Light Pulser for 10′-13′ Mustangs

Tools Needed:

Flathead screwdriver

First step is to remove the trunk lid’s felt liner. This liner is held on by a bunch of plastic clips, use the flathead to remove the clips gently as these will be used to replace the liner when the install finished.

After removing all the plastic clips, this is what you should see. Be sure to pull the emergency trunk release through the liner’s opening.

Next, remove the plug that powers the 3rd brake light.

Clip the pulser harness into the car’s plugs. You’re done!

Before reinstalling the inner trunk liner it’s a good idea to have someone put their foot on the brake to ensure the pulser is working properly. After you’re sure it’s working as intended, reinstall the trunk liner and the clips holding it on. Simple as that!

Below is an animation of how the pulser works. Please note that the light will only flash if you’ve been off the brakes for over 15 seconds as to not distract drivers in stop and go traffic or at a light.