Installing HIDs in Your 2010+ Mustang Projector Headlamps

Welcome Mustang owners and fans! Its no secret we are known for our unique and innovative lighting selection. In this blog post we bring you a detailed write up on how to install an HID kit in your 2010+ projector headlamps. We’ve been fabricating HIDs inside of projector housings for a few years now and we are excited to share this information for anyone looking to do the same. Lets get started!

Tools/materials required:

  • Electrical tape
  • Sealant tape
  • Exacto knife or blade

Step 1. You’ll want to remove the rubber cover from the back of the headlamp. This will expose the projector bulb area.

Step 2. Un plug the small connector from the bulb as shown below. Then turn the bulb counter clockwise and remove it from the housing.

Step 3. Remove the thin red and black leads from the grommet on the HID bulb. Gently pull them through and set them aside for step 4. Now install the new HID bulb in the projector housing. There are three notches in the bulb. Line those up with the notches in the projector housing and then turn counter clockwise. It is important that the bulb is tightened all of the way and is secure.

Step 4. Now we will be connecting the red and black wire leads that you removed from the HID’s bulb grommet in step 3 to the small plug you removed from the bulb in step 2. The small plug has a red and black wire going into it. Connect the leads as shown below. The process in this step provides power to the HID bulb.

Notice the red lead is connected to the slot where the other red wire comes into the plug. The other slot (ground) is where the black lead connects to.

Step 5. Use electrical tape to secure the power connections you made in step 4.

Step 6.

You’ll want to create a small opening in the back of the rubber headlamp cover so you can pass the new HID wires and connections through. You can use an exacto knife or dremel tool to knock this step out fairly quickly. Once the opening has been made, pass the two wires coming off the HID bulb and the wires coming off the plug through. The small power plug does not need to be passed through. There is enough room under the headlamp cover for this connection to remain. Use the rubber sealant to close the opening. Finally slide the rubber grommet on the HID bulb down to create a tight seal.

This completes the fabrication portion of the HIDs. Now you’ll need to connect the three leads to your ballast and plug in the OEM headlamp harness to the harness coming off the new projector headlamp. Any questions please feel free to email me: