Changing Out Your 2013 Mustang’s Hood Vents

One of the most exciting changes on the new 2013 Mustang line are the new hood vents that come standard on the GT & Boss 302 Mustangs. These fully functional vents allow the engine bay to run a bit cooler which in turn improve intake temps and ultimately improve power and efficiency. Plus, they look plain awesome. Changing the vents to black or any other color is a breeze since these vents are easily removed with a deep 8mm socket and by un-clipping them from the hood. Follow along below to see how it’s done in a few easy steps.

We sell the factory OEM Ford vents on our site unpainted, these are great for someone who wants to paint them a custom color themselves. You can find them here:
Tools Needed:

8mm deep socket

Ratcheting socket wrench

Start by removing all of the clips holding the under-hood insulation on. Leave the bottom row attached, as you just need to remove enough to get to the bolts and clips holding the vents on.

Next, remove the 8mm nuts on the bottom of each vent. On the passenger side, remove the plastic clip holding the washer fluid line in place.

Once the nuts are removed, squeeze the clips on either side of the vents and push upwards, use your other hand to pull gently from the top side of the hood to free the vents from the hood itself. Do not use too much force, patience is key here.

Once the vents are free of all their clips, they will easily come free of the hood. Reinstalling the new vents is just the reverse of the steps above. Make sure you get all the clips snug when installing the new vents and remember to reinstall the 8mm nuts on the bottom of the vents as well as the washer line on the passenger side vent.

Here are photos of the factory painted vents and the new vents we installed (factory unpainted). In the next few weeks we will be posting new vent finishes including matte black and carbon fiber. Stay tuned!

Installing Vinyl Rear Decklid Panels on 99-04 Mustangs

Our popular 99-04 vinyl decklid panel is a fast and affordable way to give your Mustang an aggressive look & stand out from the crowd. This automotive grade (wont leave nasty residue) adhesive vinyl covering comes in either gloss black, carbon fiber or matte black. All of our vinyl overlays come with a free squeegee to help with the install. These decklid overlays are a very popular seller and have been a huge success over the years for V6, GT, and Cobras alike. Check out our full line of dress-up vinyl overlays here:

Tools Required:

  • Squeegee (Included)
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid soap
  • Terry cloth or towel


First remove any and all emblems including the Ford Oval emblem and any other emblem that your   specific model came with. Also remove your license plate.

Next, use rubbing alcohol to wash all wax and dirt from the surface where the decklid panel will be installed.

Make a soapy solution of by combining three to four drops of dish washing detergent with warm water.

Spray the solution over the decklid area where the new vinyl overlay will be installed.

Once the area is saturated, start with one section at a time and peel off the paper backing material from the black vinyl.

Align the vinyl in place and use a squeegee to apply it to the vehicle.  Work from the center of the vinyl to the edges, slowly pushing any air bubbles and excess solution out from under the decal. Please be patient with this procedure. It may take several minutes for the vinyl to finally adhere. Repeat this procedure for the other two sections and your done!

Use your terry cloth towel to wipe off any excess solution from your Stang.

Visit StangMods to purchase your Vinyl Mustang Decklid Trim Panel and other Mustang vinyl decals

Installing The Mach 1 Chin Spoiler On Your 1999-2004 Mustang

Our latest write-up goes over the process of installing a Mach 1 style chin spoiler on a 1999-2004 Mustang. StangMods carries high quality ABS plastic Mach 1 style lip spoilers with an OEM style textured finish. Not the glossy finish many aftermarket companies sell. Each of our chin spoiler kits comes included with push pin fasteners for a tight fit. This chin spoiler will give the front of your 99-04 Mustang a clean yet sporty look. You can find our chin spoilers for 99-04 here – and the same chin spoiler for 96-98 Mustangs here –

Tools Required:

  • Duct Tape
  • Push Pin Fasteners
  • Drill
  • 1/4″ Drill Bit

First start off by securing the vehicle on a level surface. Make sure the car is in gear and the parking brake is engaged.

Raise the front of the car so that you may have adequate space to work underneath the front bumper.

Mock fit the chin spoiler to the front bumper. It is easier if two people are handling the chin spoiler.

When you get the spoiler positioned to your liking, use duct tape to secure it to the bumper. (Tape will be removed later)

Drill ¼” holes into the bottom of the front bumper at each Chin Spoiler screw location.

Finally, insert pushpin fasteners into the holes on the bumper to secure the chin spoiler.

The last step is to remove the duct tape you used earlier to secure the chin spoiler to the bumper.

This completes the installation process.


Featured Ride – Robb’s Clean Green 97′ SN95

With so many Mustangs out there on the streets, it’s kinda rare to find one that’s put together really well. Every little mod counts, and when everything works together you get something special. In this case, it’s our friend Robb’s 97′ 3.8 SN95. Custom metallic green paint, anthracite Bullitt style wheels, and just the right amount of black bits here and there make for a really nice looking car.

It’s definitely not all show either, with a cold air intake, BBK throttle body, VAP intake spacer and upgraded radiator for extra cooling. The exhaust is a custom 2.5″ cat-back setup ending with Flowmaster’s Series 10 mufflers and 3.5″ Borla tips. Robb upgraded the car’s clutch and flywheel with SPEC units, as well as Ford 3.73 rear end gears and Motive bearings for a little more punch. The SCT X-Tune was dyno tuned by Excessive Motorsport, and the plugs, wires, and ignition were upgraded as well. On the block for install are a wealth of suspension goodies such as Ford Racing springs, KYB shocks and struts, and some Maximum Motorsports and Steeda bits to round it all out and get everything in spec and feeling tight. Brakes were upgraded with Powerslot rotors and ceramic pads for extra stopping force.

On the inside, an MGW short shifter cleans up the gear throws and a wealth of billett goodies adds from extra flare. White face gauges are a big improvement over the aged stock ones,  and a tad of carbon fiber goes a long way when used sparingly.

Outside is where most of the mods come together. A chin spoiler, black mesh grills and black Cobra style headlamps with 6000k HIDs add a menacing look up front, while Boss style vinyl follows back to black rear bumper inserts and updated emblems.  In the rear, custom tail light overlays add a unique look over the lights and trick sequential harnesses are there to command attention from other motorists. The lower valance was also blacked out to complete the car’s overall theme.

We are big fans of -clean- modified Stangs, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make a car look great or go fast, you just need an overall plan. Too often people will change things just for the sake of changing them, and you get something cluttered, something that doesn’t seem to “flow” properly. All the little things come together in the end, it’s really all in the small details. Great job Robb! Stay tuned for updated photos once the car is lowered on it’s new suspension setup!

Welcome To The New StangMods Mustang Performance Blog!

Welcome fellow Mustang lovers! Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out our new Mustang Performance blog! Here you will find reviews, how-to’s and information on hot new Mustang parts from At StangMods not only are we dedicated to offering the latest and greatest in Mustang performance parts from many of the top manufacturers, but we are also dedicated to keeping our customers up to date on new parts as they are released. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide top notch customer service, and we believe that involves taking care of our customers even when they aren’t making purchases. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, we are here to make your shopping experience as easy and fast as possible.